Weekly Update 28/08/2020

Face Covering Update

Attached is a copy of the information that has been shared with all our young people


We have experienced some technical issues with the iPads over the last couple of weeks. We are liaising closely with the inspire team at SBC and they are working hard to resolve these for us asap.

To be ready for school it is important that students remember to bring their iPads with them and that they are sufficiently charged.

Students unwell in school

If a student becomes ill at school they may be sent to the office if they feel unable to stay in class. As a school we can provide emergency first aid only so if a student is too unwell to stay in class then their parent/carer will be contacted to pick them up.

If a student presents as unwell with COVID symptoms we follow the SBC COVID 19 process for schools, this means that the parent carer will be contacted to collect their young person and will be asked to seek a COVID test. More information is available on the SBC FAQ page: https://www.scotborders.gov.uk/info/20014/social_care_and_health/1027/covid-19_schools_returning/3

Hockey Notice

Any parents of new learners to KHS and our existing players who would like to know more about plans for Hockey this session can join virtual update meetings on: 

Wednesday 2 September
6.30pm-7.15pm – S1 Parental Meeting
7.30pm-8.15pm – S2, S3 and Seniors Parental Meeting.

Instructions for joining the meetings are posted in our members only Facebook page.

To follow all the hockey news, log on to Kelso High School Hockey page on Facebook. It is a closed group open to parents/carers only, so if not already a member please answer question on your interest in hockey, ie mother/father/carer of David Ferguson. Learners can join once in S2. Any additional enquiries around the meetings should be directed to Director of Hockey, David Ferguson by email davidferg@btinternet.com


As from Monday:

  • We are encouraging pupils to pre-order, this will guarantee they get what they have ordered.
  • Pupils can pre-order Hot/Cold Grab and Go.
  • Bags will be available for pupils on arrival and during morning break, menus will be on display.
  • Pupils fill out bag with their order, they must put their class year as this determines what time the meal is required.
  • Please can we ask that young people ensure that there is credit on their account

Canteen Meal Deals

Scottish Favourites Meal Deal
Hot meal, Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

Hot Filling on a Ciabatta /Baguette
Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

Baked Potato Meal Deal
With hot or cold fillings, Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

Sandwich Meal Deal
Cold fillings, Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

Pizza Meal Deal
Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

Pasta King Meal Deal
Pasta in a sauce, Bottle water, Fruit/ Yogurt

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