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Help and Support for Using Your iPad

There are guides below that may help with some issues with your iPad. If you need further support, please see the IT/Science Technician who will try to help you there and then, or will report this directly to the Inspire Learning team or CGI.

Disabled iPad

If your iPad is locked and you have forgotten the passcode to get into the iPad, the School Office can arrange for this to be reset for you. 

Unable to Connect to Internet
If your iPad is not connecting to the internet/Safari/Teams etc. there are steps you can follow.

  • Check if there is an iOS update to be done by going into Settings > General > Software Update
  • If it is all up to date, then it may be an issue with the Proxy settings. Please download the instructions below to help further
Proxy Guide (please note that KHS is Cluster3 and to use a backslash \ when required.
Further Guides/Downloads
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