Pupils in the Science Faculty at Kelso High School have the opportunity to progress their learning in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Through the CfE Science course delivered to pupils in S1 and S2, pupils continue through the Broad General Education into S3, but at this time they have the opportunity to study one or two science subjects from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, thus allowing a greater degree of personalisation in their learning. In the Senior Phase (S4-6) pupils then have the opportunity to specialise in their chosen Science(s) with a variety of courses on offer, most of which are up to Advanced Higher Level.

The Science Faculty Aims:

  • To develop understanding, enjoyment and curiosity within Science.
  • To ensure pupils are prepared for employment or further study both within or out with Science.
  • To develop pupils understanding of the world in which they live and the relevance of Science.
  • To develop skills in pupils for use in learning, life and in the world of work.
  • To ensure that pupils feel safe and included in the department through positive working relationships and an ethos that reflects that of the school.
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