S2 into S3 Pathways

S3 is the final year of Broad General Education and students are given an opportunity to personalise their learning while still covering all key curricular areas.

It is worth remembering that in the Senior Phase (S4-6) students can often return to subjects they may have not taken in S3. All students will study English, Maths, RMPS, PE & PSE as part of the core curriculum. We are sometimes asked about 3 sciences – it is not possible to take 3 sciences in S3, although there is an Environmental Science option in the skills column.

2021/22 Choice of Courses


Parent Information Session Recorded
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Choice of Course Sheet
Download S2 to S3 Choice of Course Sheet 2021

Wider Achievement Electives
Further information on these Skills courses is available below:
D of E 
Environmental Science 
Project Life
Engineering Skills
Rural Skills
Music Technology

If you have any queries please contact your child’s Pastoral teacher in the first instance.

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2021/22 Timeline

Timeline of Supports






Friday 5th March

Assembly to explain the process to pupils


Assembly to explain the process to pupils


Assembly to explain the process to pupils


Assembly to explain the process to pupils


Monday 8th March

Choice of Course information and recommended levels sent home to parents/carers

Monday 8th March

Evening event for Parents/Carers  7-8pm

Skills Development Scotland 1:1 interviews         8th-19th March



Tuesday 9th March


Evening event for Parents/Carers 7-8pm

Wednesday 10th March

Choices Assembly 8.50am



Choices Assembly 2pm

Thursday 11th March


Choices Assembly 8.50am



Friday 12th March



Choices Assembly 8.50am


Monday 15th March-Friday 19th March

Pupil Support PTs offer drop in help sessions

Monday 22nd March

Microsoft Forms with Choices returned by Pupils

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