Weekly Update 26/02/2021

Sad Passing of Alan Wise

You may have heard about the sad passing of Alan Wise, teacher of Chemistry at KHS from 1980- 2011. As a mark of respect the flag at KHS will be flying at half-mast.

Gordon Watson (former PT Chemistry) and Gareth Oldham (former PT Geography), have both written these lovely pieces to remember Alan. Please take a moment to have a read of them.

Limited return of Senior Students

From Monday this week, we were able to welcome back some of our senior students into schools.  It was lovely to speak with them in person and see them working within the various practical spaces again.

Well done to all our young people who were in for accepting and following the additional protocol of wearing a face covering at all times and remaining 2m apart.  With regards to the Test & Protect, our young people have been asked to complete the home tests twice a week. The consent form has to be completed and returned prior to being issued with the testing kits.   Regardless of what days your youngster is in school, it is recommend that the tests are completed on a Sunday and Wednesday. 

Choice of course 2021

In order to prepare the timetable for the new session, at this time of the school year we are focused on the choice of course process. Despite the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in, we have been working hard to find a way to do this remotely. Attached is a timeline of our planned support for this process. Please don’t hesitate to contact school if you have any questions.

To allow us to launch the beginning of this process we are holding additional assemblies for our young people on Friday 5th March:

S4: 8.50am          S2: 9.15am          S3: 9.45am          S5: 10.15am

To support our parent/carers we are holding online interactive events on course choices, pathways options and the process for 2021/22.

  • S2 going into S3: Monday 8th March @ 7pm  
  • S3/4/5 going into S4/5/6: Tuesday 9th March @ 7pm

S2 evening link for parents is here.

Senior evening link for parents is here.

The Great KHS Bake Off

The Home Economics Department recently ran a bake-off competition where pupils and staff were challenged to make a sweet treat. Mrs Lawson, Mrs Dobie and Miss Armstrong were blown away by the creativity of the pupils who showcased their skills. 

The winners were as follows –

S1-3 Category
1st Place                Rosie White S1
2nd Place              Honey-Rose Fellows S2
3rd Place               Anna Brown S1

S4-6 Category
1st Place                Kirsten Young S6
2nd Place              Liam Purves S4
3rd Place               Brodie Lawson S4

Staff Category
1st Place                Mrs Lothian

Well done to everyone who entered. Have a look at the file attached below showing photos of the winning entries.

Parent Council Update

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