Weekly Update 22/01/2021

Thank You

As we approach the end of Week 2, a huge thank you to all our young people, staff and parent/carers for their efforts.  We have now completed our two week rotation and so staff have now engaged with all their classes.

Satchel One

It is very important to us that all of our young people are participating in their learning whilst in school and during this period of online delivery.  All lessons and work set is being posted on Satchel One as we can use this to communicate with our young people and their parents/carers.  We can also use Satchel One to track when work has been viewed and submitted and we will be using this to send reminders if any work is overdue.  Principal Teachers and Pastoral staff will make contact for anything that remains un-submitted to ensure we are offering all the support we can.  We encourage all parents/carers to register with Satchel One (either on the website or via the app) and will be sending login details to all those who haven’t registered.  We hope that for most the technical issues have been rectified but please do keep in touch with the school if, for any reason, you can’t access your learning.  We will do everything we can to support you.

Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament want to work with Mrs Lothian and the school to get some feedback from pupils on what is working well about home learning and what could be improved. We will pull together the headline messages from pupils to hopefully do more of what is working well and make improvements where possible. We will put out a short survey every Friday and want that to be the last bit of work that pupils do that week.

Summary of student feedback in the first week of 2021 remote learning:

What’s going well?

On a scale of 1-5, where 1 was struggling and 5 was no worries, pupils scored an average of 3.4, which we thought was good for week 1!

50% of pupils said that interactive teaching (teams calls, keynote) worked well this past week.

“Modern Studies had a good variety of tasks and good discussion on teams calls.”

Another 50% said that they enjoyed the volume of work and being able to be more independent with that work.

“I wasn’t overloaded with work so I didn’t feel stressed at all.”

A quarter of students said that they found contacting their teachers easier and more beneficial to their learning.

“All of my teachers have been very accessible and extremely helpful in these weird times.”

A significant number of people also commented on the fact that they were not distracted like they would be in class because of peers. 

“It was easier to work because there wasn’t other people around to distract me

“Not having class noise as a distraction while trying to get through work helped me.”

What are we improving?

IT issues

A large number of pupils had IT issues and to help fix this, the school sent a help sheet out on multiple platforms detailing different tech issues and how to solve them. The school office, Mrs Milligan and Pastoral staff have also spent a lot of time with families trying to help with individual problems.

Our website contains some new guides and information for our young people and parents if you experience any technical issues with iPads. Please have a look at these prior to contacting the School Office.


Many students also commented on the fact that they felt there wasn’t enough structure and some requested timetables. We discussed this and school are working to send out a blank timetable so that students have the opportunity to organise their week.

We will be sending out another survey shortly, and will share the results as soon as we can.


We have no further updates from SQA this week but a reminder that the latest information for parents can be found here


Feedback from Parent/Carers on Week 1

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey last week and provide us with feedback on the experience of home learning during week one.  We received 36 replies and a summary of the responses are attached along with the relevant actions taken.

We would invite you to provide feedback on Week 2 using the link below:
<a href=”https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=oyzTzM4Wj0KVQTctawUZKXuQxDT50FtMqQOPzg1J-uBUNUhBNkg2Wk05OUEzRlo5TVRXODlOVDlPMi4u”>https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=oyzTzM4Wj0KVQTctawUZKXuQxDT50FtMqQOPzg1J-uBUNUhBNkg2Wk05OUEzRlo5TVRXODlOVDlPMi4u</a>

Support for Parents

Here are some new resources we have been made aware of this week to support parents and carers:

  • Children 1St have launched Parentline. Please see attached document for details
  • Glasgow Psychological Service have produced three videos for parents and carers which offer some practical strategies and advice for supporting their children and young people to manage anxieties and build their resilience. Links to the videos can be found here:

SBC Parent Guidance for Home Learning

Please download the home learning guidance document below.

Weekly Assemblies

Next week we begin our weekly year group assemblies each will last for 10 mins and begin at 8.50am.

Tuesday – S1
Wednesday – S2
Thursday – S3
Friday – S4, 
S5/6 being within the PSE lesson time.


As a follow up for the feedback received last week from young people and parent/carers we have produced updated timetables to support the organisation and planning of each day.  Correspondence to relevant year group with the attached timetables will be sent out however an example is attached.

Parent Council

The remote learning survey links for parents and carers and for children and young people are now available on the National overviews remote learning webpage, alongside the wider information about the reviews. The surveys will close at 12 noon on Monday 25 Jan.

This is the link to the survey for parents and carers – Remote Learning Overview – Survey for Parents and Carers (office.com)

And this is the one for children and young people – Remote Learning Overview – Survey for children and young people (office.com)

Cheviot Youth Pantry

Please see attached flyer regarding the extended hours for the pantry service at Cheviot Youth.

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