Weekly Update 14/08/2020

We have reached the end of our first week back and we have been very impressed with all of our young people on their return to school in these very different times. They have demonstrated our values of respect and excellence through engaging with all of our changes to keep everyone safe in a positive and caring way – Thank You! 

In particular we have been impressed with the care our young people have been taking to sanitise their hands and wiping down their work area helping to ensure a safe environment for all.

We have learnt a lot this week about what works and there will be some timetable changes next week to help minimise movement to ensure we are working together to keep everyone safe.

Here are a few reminders for our young people so we can continue positively next week. …

  • Wherever possible do not arrive at school before 8.30am.
  • You must continue to sanitise your hands when entering the school building using the sanitising stations by each entrance.
  • S1,5 & 6 use the canteen entrance and S2,3&4 use the front entrance to avoid crowding.
  • Go straight to your reg class or meet friends outside – do not gather in canteen.
  • Always keep left in the corridors.
  • Use the correct stairs for going up and down to avoid crowding (both stairs can be used to exit the building at break and the end of the day).
  • You must continue to sanitise your hands when you enter a classroom and wipe down your work area with the wipes provided. Please ensure wipes are disposed of in the yellow bins provided.
  • Remember to go outside once you have finished eating to avoid crowding in the canteen area.  You can also eat outside at the picnic tables.
  • Continue to be aware of all extra markers (yellow tape and arrows) in the school to ensure social distancing.
  • All pupils should maintain social distancing where possible.

We will continue to evaluate and update our procedures throughout the coming weeks.

Music Classes

Any pupils studying music must bring a set of headphones (that are compatible with iPads) to their music lessons for the foreseeable future. 

Extra Curricular Sport

As we focus on return to school, there are currently no lunchtime or after school sports clubs running at KHS.  We are working alongside SBC, Active Schools and Volunteers as to when we may look to have a gradual return to clubs.  At this time we cannot accommodate the storage of bags or equipment for anyone attending external activities/sports which have already started back up in the community.

We hope to release further information regarding the next steps for lunchtime and after school sports clubs early next week.  We thank you for your patience.

Parent Access to school grounds

Please can I remind parents not to drop off and pick up within the school grounds except for those who require to use the disabled bays.


From Monday our canteen will be open again to purchase food over morning interval.  At lunchtime the opportunity to purchase a packed lunch which would include hot soup will begin on Monday

SQA Results 2020

On Tuesday the government announced a change to the previous approach to certification and instead will now award pupil results based solely on the estimates provided by the school. The results of those pupils who were awarded a higher grade during the process will be maintained.

The SQA has communicated that schools will receive their confirmed results as soon as possible and no later than the end of next week (Friday 21 August 2020).

Any pupil who has a grade changed as a result of this, will receive a new certificate in due course.

At the moment we are awaiting further guidance from the SQA and we will update you with further information as soon as possible. I understand how challenging this process has been for many of you – our staff, as ever, are here to support you through this.

Thank you once again for your continued support

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