Weekly Update 12/02/2021

As we begin the mid-term holiday we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.  Our Kelso High School pupils, staff and parent/carers have worked hard and should be proud of what they have achieved this term!  Time now to enjoy the snow and look after our health and well-being by having a good break this long weekend! Stay safe

  • A reminder that the school will be closed between today and Wednesday 17 February. Our young people will resume our remote learning programme on Thursday 18 February 2021. We would ask that all our young people take a break from their studies and have time away from schoolwork.

SQA Update

  • The First Minister announced a planned phased return to school from 22 February 2021 although we are still awaiting on final confirmation on Tuesday 16th. If given the go ahead, then we will see the return of some senior secondary pupils to attend school on a limited basis to allow the completion of in-school practical work for national qualifications.
  • Detailed communication relating to the testing processes and all other measures which will be in place to protect our young people, will be sent from SBC next week. 
  • We have devised a timetable for our practical subjects to allow our young people one day per week to work within school. A personalised letter will be send home next week outlining the exact day to attend school.
  • Our young people who are invited in will be in school for the entire day to complete practical activities, which cannot be done at home. Please note, not all pupils taking the subject will be invited in. A good example is Music – if our young person has access to the instrument at home, they will not invited in.
  • Buses will be running. SBC will be providing a system for young people who normally use school transport to book the days and times they will need according to their subject timetable and that a link to the booking system will be sent via Groupcall next week.  Please ask that once this arrives transport is booked quickly so that routes can be adapted if need be and details shared back with families before the 22nd.
  • Our canteen will be open and offering a limited menu (soup, sandwich, panini etc).  For those young people who are in school we are insisting that they remain in school for the full day and not leave to buy lunch etc.  The option to bring in snacks and lunch is permitted.
  • The young people do not need to wear school uniform – come to school with appropriate clothing for practical subjects. An example would be no scarves in CDT!

The Great KHS Bake Off

“The Great KHS Bake Off” has launched again as a challenge for both staff and pupils. This is open until the 19th February and is an ideal activity for pupils to complete over the half term break. Could all entries be emailed to gw20dobieangela@glow.sch.uk

We look forward to seeing your entries

House Points Challenge

Until the 16th February, KHS are running a challenge to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This year, it is especially important to let the people around you know how much you care about them.  So, we are asking everybody to find or create something that reminds you of love and submit this via the Microsoft form, link below.  You can submit as many reminds of love as you want, each one will earn you a house point! Good Luck!

Parent Council Update

Parent Council Meeting
The next meeting will be held via Zoom on Thursday 25th Feb at 7.30pm, more details to follow in due course

Connect’s Online AGM and Partnership Schools Celebration
The online Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 18th March 2021 from 7.30-8pm, followed by an online event to mark the end of Partnership Schools Scotland pilot, supported by Skills Development Scotland (8-9.15pm). They will be sharing some really important findings from research by Stirling University, carried out in 2020, into parental engagement and its positive impact on schools that are working with families to get positive outcomes for young people, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

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