Weekly Update 07/08/20

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all our young people back to school on Tuesday. We have been working very closely with all departments within Scottish Borders Council to ensure we are ready.  Please remember, the most important thing young people bring to school next week is themselves!

I am using this weekly update to share as much information as possible regarding the start of the new term on Tuesday 11th August.

Over the last few weeks SBC have been issuing newsletters and information on key areas in preparation for our return.  Yesterday SBC also shared Frequently Asked Questions. 

Please visit www.scotborders.gov.uk/schoolreopening for all centrally issued parental communication and additional information on all aspects of the return to school.

This information will continue to be added to and updated on a daily basis throughout this week.


Entry to school

We are asking that young people do not arrive at school before 8.30am on Tuesday.

Canteen: There is no canteen facilities prior to school and young people will not be able to purchase anything before school.

S1: We are asking that all young people who are new S1 make their way to the back of the school building when they arrive on Tuesday.  Staff will be on-site at the front of the school to support and direct our new students.  Our plan is to support our new S1 students by bringing them together in their new classes while outside and allow the rest of the school to settle into their classes.

S2-S4: Will use the main entrance to the school.  There will be hand sanitiser available for use and we ask that young people wash their hands regularly.  Young people will be directed to make their way direct to their register classes.  Reminders of registration class/teacher/room will be displayed in the main foyer.

S5-S6: We are asking that young people within S5 and S6 make their way to the back of the building and enter school through the door to the canteen.  Again hand sanitiser is provided and we will be asking young people to make their way to their registration class.

New Starts: Any young person in years S2 – S6 who is new to the school should make their way to the back of the school where a member of staff will meet with them and ensure they are taken to the correct class.

Periods 1 and 2

S1: From outside our new S1’s will be taken to their registration class and again will remain there for 2 periods to allow information to be shared, timetables issued and key staff to speak with each class.

S2-S6: All young people will remain within their registration class for the duration of periods 1 and 2.  This will allow us to ensure all young people are aware of the enhanced provisions that are in place highlighting key H & S elements.  Timetables will be issued and any changes explained.


There will be slightly staggered exit from classes to allow our young people to make their way outside for interval. 

Canteen: During this week there will be no food being sold from our canteen during interval and we ask to ensure all young people bring their own food to school.

We will be asking all young people to use the outside spaces around the school during interval.  Please ensure that all young people bring a suitable outside jacket.  There are a number of shelters and limited seating if required.  We will review this throughout the week and provide updates next Friday.

At the end of interval, young people will be asked to muster within each year group and be brought back into school in a staggered manner.

Periods 3 and 4

S1: This week will be used to provide transition for our new S1 so they should follow their timetable.  However this will be populated with transition events e.g. tour of the school, meeting key staff etc.

S2-S6: Will attend classes as normal following their new timetable.

Period 5 / Lunch (12.25 – 1.15)

S1-S3: All young people will have their lunch during this time.  This will allow us to stagger lunchtimes and limit the number of young people within our canteen.

S4-S6: Will attend their timetabled classes.

Canteen: During week 1, our canteen will only provide a grab & go packed lunch for young people who are entitled to free school meals.  We are asking that all S1’s bring a packed lunch to school and remain within the school grounds.  If you would like a new S1 to either go home or go to a relative for lunch then please can I ask that you contact the school.  S2/3 should also bring a packed lunch or they have the option to leave school to buy lunch elsewhere.  At the moment the Co-op ban on pupils accessing the Highcroft store remains in place.

Lunch / Period 5 (1.15-2.05)

S1-S3: All young people will attend their timetabled classes.

S4-6:  All young peoplewill have their lunch at this time.  We would ask that they either bring a packed lunch or leave school to purchase lunch.  At the moment the Co-op ban on pupils accessing the Highcroft store remains in place.

Periods 6/7

S1-S6:  All young people will follow their timetable and attend classes.

End of day

Young people will make their way out of the building using the same exit points as they entered the building.

Throughout the day:

  • Posters on display and messages from staff will be given to pupils to remind them to wash their hands regularly
  • Every classroom will have hand sanitiser and wipes
  • Young people will be asked to wipe down their work station at the start and end of the time they are in each room
  • Enhanced cleaning will be ongoing throughout the day
  • One way system will be in place – designated stairs for going up and another for coming down, on each floor.  We ask all young people to keep left in the corridor.
  • Any young person wishing to wear a face covering within the school will be able to do so and if they plan to leave the building to purchase food elsewhere they will need to bring a face covering with them to school.

Key points

  • Please ensure that all youngsters bring their iPads to school every day and ensure it is fully charged
  • There will be no instrumental instruction for the first week.  More information will follow
  • Physical Education:
    • No S1’s are required to bring PE kit with them on Tuesday
    • Only young people within 2T and 2K are required to bring some form of PE kit on Tuesday
    • S3-S6: all young people who selected PE as a subject choice should bring PE kit with them on Tuesday

To ensure we continue to provide regular updates there will be another midweek update provided next week.

If you have any concerns, queries or feedback please direct these through our email address or phone the school.

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