Weekly Update 01/05/2020

I hope everyone is well and having a positive start to our new term! I would again like to express my gratitude to the whole school community for everyone’s support in this very challenging time. I remain very proud of the way all staff, parents, carers and partners are pulling together to support our young people.


SBC issued a letter to S4-6 parents and carers last week outlining the latest information from SQA. Extended version of this info can be found on the SQA website.

SQA web page for learners

Last week, SQA created a new page on their website to keep learners up to date on what is happening with 2020 National Qualifications. This page will be updated as and when they have further information. Visit www.sqa.org.uk/2020nqlearners for more information and to view frequently asked questions

SQA results 2020 – get ‘results ready’ with MySQA 

Results this year will be published on 4th August. The easiest way for learners to receive their National Qualifications results this summer is by using the MySQA service.  Learners must sign up at www.mysqa.org.uk before 5 pm on Tuesday 14 July 2020. To register, all they need is their Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and a valid email address. They can then choose to receive their results by text and/or email. 

For learners already registered for MySQA, you are encouraged to log in, check your details are correct and update your preferences.

New Timetable

As you’re probably aware, usually we move to our new timetable in June.  Due to the situation, all secondary schools within SBC have agreed to start our new S4 to S6 classes for session 2020-2021 early.

We are pleased to say that we will start on 11 May 2020. Teachers of new S4 to S6 classes will get in touch with the young people within their subjects. Please ensure that if your youngster is currently in S3, S4 or S5, then they are prepared for this and are ready to engage with their new courses.

S1 and S2 will continue to study the same subjects and there won’t be much change here other than there will be a variety of work being set by their current teachers.  We plan to review this situation and may move up a year at the beginning of June.  As a guide for parents we asking that our young people within S1/S2 should be attempting school tasks approx. 2/3 hours per day.

S3 into S4, S4 into S5 and S5 into S6 – they will now begin to work on their Senior Phases subjects during the week beginning the 11th May. Again as a guide for our young people and parents we are suggesting approx. 3/4 hours work per subject per week, although this may vary between a practical and non-practical subject.

On Teams, the teachers will be adding young people to new subjects and levels and we will be distributing work to young people this way.  Work issued from teachers will be staggered throughout the week to enable our young people to plan their week.

Home Learning

We are committed to providing high quality teaching and learning for our young people and are using Show My Homework and Teams to communicate and set work. I would like to thank teaching staff in departments and Pupil Support, parents, carers and young people for making remote learning work.

If your youngster is  finding getting on board with remote learning difficult please encourage them to communicate with their class teacher through Microsoft Teams/Glow or Show My Homework, or their Pastoral teacher by email.

Just in time for the new term, Youtube and Kindle apps have been added to the self Service store on your iPads and are ready to download.

We expect pupils to try to do the work set by staff. Progressing with learning is very important. However, please ask if you are struggling. That is what we are here for.

Parent Council

Our Parent Council and using the most recent advice from Scottish Government, would like to offer support to all our families.  Our chair, Gemma O’Brien has launched our first Parent Forum Newsletter, this contains key information to parents/carers.  We have set up a new email address and a link to a survey to gather feedback on what support/advice our parents require.

Free School Meals

SBC have completed a survey asking parents/carers to apply for fortnightly vouchers to the value of £25, packed lunch pick-ups from the Broomlands Hub or weekly frozen packs that can also be picked up at Hub.

If you are still to apply for this service, please contact: Covid-19Schools@scotborders.gov.uk or phone 0300 100 1800 and we will support you and your family. Should your family not be entitled to free school meals but are currently struggling during these difficult times, please contact SBC at this same email and we will aim to support you.

Phone Calls

Our Pupil Support team continue to offer support to many of our young people and families with regular emails and phone calls.  All staff at KHS miss the contact will all our young people and so I would like to make the effort to contact more young people over the next month.  The purpose is not to check up but to check in and offer any support/advise if required.  So please look out for an unknown number calling.


I am fully aware of the challenges of working from home for all the family and understand that our young people will have good days and bad. Please remember that our school community is in this together and we will support you in any way we can.  We are really missing everyone and please hold on to the fact that we will come together as a school community in the hopefully not too distant future.

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