COVID-19 KHS Information

Summary of COVID changes that have been introduced at KHS as of Friday 4th September 2020

The following changes have been put in place to help us ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in school.

They aim to:  reduce and stagger movement around the building; reduce crowding indoors; reduce the risk of infection entering the school or being spread in school.

These changes are based on Scottish Government and SBC advice

 The school day:

·         Introduction of 2-week timetable.

·         Staggered lunches: S1-3 12.25 – 1.15pm. S4-6 1.15pm – 2pm.

·         S6 can study at home during allocated periods. QR codes used for seniors signing in and out.

·         Removal of school bells.

·         Suspension of assemblies.

 Moving around the school:

·         Extension of one-way system for movement around the building.

·         Split entrances: S2, 3 & 4 enter using front doors. S1, 5& 6 use rear doors.

·         Use of doors at bottom of stairwells to allow quick exits at start of break and end of day.

·         One-way system in canteen at break and lunch.

 Hygiene & prevention:

·         Masks worn by everyone at all times in communal areas.

·         Hand sanitizer stations positioned at entrances and students directed to use each time enter building.

·         Hand sanitizer and wipes in every classroom – students sanitize hands and wipe desks at the start of every lesson.

·         Students using outside spaces at social times (severe weather procedures in place)

·         Fogging program for whole building.

·         Additional cleaning include regular daily cleaning of touch points (door handles, banisters etc)

·         Following Risk Assessments and national guidance for whole school and practical subjects.

 Other changes/introductions:

·         Meetings within school held virtually.

·         No entrance to building for non-essential visitors.

·         Staff can only attend one school per day.

·         Temporary halt to extracurricular activities.

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