Weekly Update 11/01/19

Prelim Exams

S4-S6 Prelims start on Monday 14th January.  General study leave will run from Monday 14th until Friday 25th January and during this period pupils need attend school only to sit their examinations.  There will be no study leave from Monday 28th January onwards.  Pupils should be in class unless they are in an exam.  If pupils have missed break time, they may take 15 minutes before returning to class.

Pupils may, if they wish, access the school library during the examination period and also, by appointment, they may consult their teachers, but should always sign in at the School Office so that their presence is recorded.  Pupils should be wearing school uniform when they are in school.  Good luck to all our youngsters we wish you every success in the exams.

Ready, Respectful and Safe

As a school we continue to encourage all students to follow the 3 school rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe.  To support our Relationships Blueprint, we have reintroduced whole school detention.  This will take place for 30 minutes either on a Wednesday at 3.45pm or a Friday at 1.20pm.  An email outlining the reason for the detention will be sent home prior to the allocated time that has been given.  Thank you in advance for your support.

College during Prelims

Pupils who are enrolled at Borders College are still expected to attend during the prelims. Transport will still be leaving from Kelso High School as per the current arrangement.  If pupils have a prelim and will not be attending they must contact Borders College to let them know.  Contact on 08700 505152 or email [email protected].

S3 - Course Choice Parental Letter

All S3 pupils were given a parental letter before the xmas break regarding scheduled meetings to discuss subject choices for senior school and career pathways.  If you did not receive this letter or if the appointment time is unsuitable please contact the Office or email [email protected].

Lost Property

There is a large amount of lost property at the School Office which has accumulated since the summer holidays.  If your youngster has lost anything please ask them to come to the Office and check through the box to see if it has been handed in.  Any unclaimed items after Friday 25th January will be donated to Charity Begins at Home.

S3 Battlefields Experience 2019

The third instalment for the above trip is now OVERDUE.  Please make payments via ParentPay or to the School Office.  Cheques should be made payable to Kelso High School.

Parent Council 3 Ball Lottery - December Draw

This month, the numbers drawn were - 1, 2 and 6.  Unfortunately there were no matches so the prize fund of approximately £695 rolls over to next month - Good Luck!!


Well huge done to Douglas Young (S6) who finished second in the prestigious New Year Sprint on 1st January at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Second Parent Carer Consultation Kelso

Please find flyer below regarding for our Second Parent Carer Consultation, funded by National Lottery which is taking place at Kelso Abbey Row on Friday 8th February 10am -12pm.  The event will be relaxed and informal, teas and coffees provided.  Borders Additional Needs group will feedback the interim results for our first Parent Carer forum consultations and focusing on next stage. 

KHS Canteen w/c 14/01/19






Traditional Favourites

Roast Turkey Dinner, Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread or Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread

Steak Pie, Chicken Fajita Style Rice or Quorn Chilli


Chicken Korma, Lamb Madras or Butternut Squash with Chick Pea Curry

Fish & Chips, Chicken Grill & Chips or Vegetable Chow Mein


Hot Sandwiches

Chicken or BBQ Quorn Sausage


Beef Burger or Quorn Dippers


Chicken or Roasted Vegetables with Cheese

Turkey Meatballs or Vegetable Fajita

Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Baked Potato






Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Soup of the Day



Sweet Potato and Chilli


Also available every day:  Pizza and Baked Potatoes

Gluten Free options also available.

All these meals can always be ordered early in the day or on the day before as a Grab and Go to save pupils waiting at lunchtime.

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities



File Attachments