Tree of Knowledge: invitation to parents of S4 and S5 pupils to an information evening on preparation for exams

The motivational company Tree of Knowledge will be presenting the following exam preparation workshops to our pupils: Laugh in the face of Exams for all S4 pupils Wednesday 30th January and Reach for the Power Inside of You for  all S5 pupils Thursday 31st January. These workshops focus on the mental and emotional side of preparing for major exams.

The Tree of Knowledge has also agreed to run a session for parents of S4 and S5 pupils on Wednesday 30th January at 6.00pm in the Assembly Hall. (It will last about an hour) This session will be to allow parents an insight into the kinds of activity which pupils are involved in during their workshops and to provide parents with a better idea as to how they can contribute positively towards their child's preparation for their exams.

Your child will be bringing home a letter with a reply slip (a letter will also be emailed to you). Please return this reply slip to the school office by Friday 25th January. We look forward to seeing you on 30th January.