Third Year Physics

Course Outline

The third year course prepares pupils to tackle National 4 and National 5 Physics courses in fourth year. The following units are covered ...

                                               Medical Physics

                                               Practical Electricity

                                              Movement and Space       

 Pupils are provided with a printed copy of Summary Notes.  These contain a summary of the information they need to know in order to perform well in tests and exams. If they lose their copy they can download another by clicking on the link below ...

Summary notes and Homework - Medical Physics.pdf

Summary notes - Electricity.xls

Homework - Electricity.doc

Movement and Space summary notes + homeworks.pdf

Key Skills

   The course continues to build on the key skills developed in S1 and S2                                                                                


Summary Notes should be used to revise for end of topic tests and the third year exam in January. Pupils need to revise all the work they have completed in order to perform well in the exam.