National 3/4



This course is designed primarily for those who have shown genuine interest in S3 and wish to continue studying Chemistry with the option of continuing to N4 or N5 in S5/6. It will also be suitable for those wishing to return to Chemistry in S5 or S6.

Each learner who chooses Chemistry will be taught for 5 periods a week. The course is split into 3 Units, called Chemical Changes & StructureNature's Chemistry and Chemistry In Society.



Note – assessments are currently under review by the SQA and may be subject to change. 

You will be assessed as follows: 

* Unit assessments, covering knowledge and understanding and problem solving 

* Investigation, including planning, carrying out and reporting on a practical investigation. 

* Assignment, including researching and reporting on an aspect of your choice within a relevant topic.


Recommended Entry Requirements


To gain entry into the National 3/4 Chemistry you should have a recommendation from your current science teacher. You will have gained this recommendation by either:

  • successfully completing the S3 Chemistry course to the required standard
  • successfully completing the S3 Biology or Physics to the required standard

and for S5/6 pupils:

  • ?
  • ?

In addition, ??

Class Organisation

Learners will be 



Lunchtime Help Sessions are available for any Learner who then feels they need more explanation.