Higher Biology

The Higher Biology course has 3 units that build on the knowledge and skills you have gained from the National 5 course. It is essential that you are thoroughly familiar with the National 5 knowledge.

The CfE Higher Biology Course has 3 units, as follows:

DNA and the Genome (1 unit)

DNA and the Genome Success Criteria

Metabolism and Survival (1 Unit)

Metabolism and Survival Success Criteria

Sustainability and Interdependence (1 Unit)

Sustainability and Interdependence Success Criteria

Learning Outcomes

Use the success criteria and learning outcomes documents above as a revision aid. Remember to get help with anything you don't understand.


There will be regular, set homework such as Past Paper Questions, Multiple Choice-type Questions, Essays and Data Interpretations. In addition, you will be expected to make revision notes, read over and learn the work covered in class, as you go along. Remember you can access your homework tasks on the relevant homework page.


Higher Biology Prelim Revision Planner 2015-16

The following assessments will be given for each of the 3 units studied:

  • end of unit prelim (testing levels A-C in a format similar to the final exam)
  • end of unit assessment a “pass” must be achieved for both elements in each

In addition, you will complete a scientific report on a practical investigation and  you will complete a course assignment, which will be marked by the SQA and will contribute to your overall grade.

H Biology Insect Assignment Focus Questions
H Biology Insect Assignment Pupil Guide

The prelim in January will test the DNA and the Genome and Metabolism and Survival units.

You should read the detailed information about the Higher Biology course on the Biology pages of the KHS website.

All students thinking about enrolling for Higher Biology should speak to Mrs Stewart before completing their choice of course form

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