Advanced Higher Biology

Advanced Higher Biology is an ideal introduction to university level study and as such is aimed at students who show a serious interest in the subject and who from their prelim results are predicted to gain the following: Higher Biology at Grade A or a Good Grade B
In addition you must have a:

High Degree of Commitment and Self-Motivation

The course will consist of a mixture of taught, written and practical work, but in addition students will be expected to enhance and extend their knowledge in serious private study.
The AH Biology course consists of the following units, all of which build on the knowledge and skills you have gained from Higher Biology.

Environmental Biology (1 unit)

a) Circulation in Ecosystems

b) Interactions in Ecosystems

c) Human Impact on the Environment

Cell and Molecular Biology (1 unit)

a) Structure, Function, and Growth of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
b) Structure and Function of Cell Components
c) Molecular Interactions in Cell Events
d) Applications of DNA Technology

Animal Behaviour (0.5 unit)

a) Measuring Behaviour
b) Development of Behaviour
c) Behavioural Interactions

Biology Investigation (0.5 unit)

The Biology investigation half unit gives you the opportunity to study a biology topic of your choice in depth. It will be your responsibility to plan, organise, carry out the procedures and to analyse and report on your findings. Much of the investigation is likely to completed in your own time.


There will be regular, set homework, but in addition you will be expected read up on the subject as stated above.


The following assessments will be given for the Environmental Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology and Animal Behaviour units:

  • end of unit assessment,*
  • end of unit prelim (testing levels A-C in a format similar to the final exam),
  • practical assessment*
  • LO3 Guide

*both these elements must be passed before an award will be given in the final exam

The prelim in February will test the Environmental Biology and Cell and Molecular Biology units.

The Biology Investigation unit is assessed on your ability to do the following:

  • keep a regularly maintained lab record detailing the planning stage,
  • collecting and analysing information for the investigation
  • write a full scientific report of your findings. This last section will be assessed by an external examiner who will visit the school and interview you about your investigation

You should read the detailed information on the AH Biology course on the
Biology pages of the KHS website

All students thinking about enrolling for Advanced Higher Biology should speak to Mrs Stewart before completing their choice of course form

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