Pupil Parliament

KHS Pupil Parliament 2014-2015

The representatives of the new Kelso High School Pupil Parliament 2014-2015 have now been elected, completed their training, and held their first Full Pupil Parliament Meeting.

KHS Pupil Parliament, which comprises representatives from each year group, has identified its priorities and created subgroups to take forward some of the work. The Pupil Parliament will meet weekly and aims to develop student voice, progress the work of last years Pupil Parliament on a new KHS school uniform, improve the feedback on students learning and improve other school facilities.

Their priority issues are outlined below:

Full Parliament Business

Priority 1) Feedback on students’ learning

Priority 2) New KHS School Uniform


Subgroup 1 - Canteen

1) Improve access to Young Scot card machines

2) Work with catering staff and students to improve canteen options and value

3) Explore options for access to a TV in the canteen area


Subgroup 2 - IT and school facilities

1) Work with students and staff to explore options for an S6 common room

2) Campaign for student access to WiFi in school

3) Work with school departments to explore potential for cleaning up the pond area

4) Improve access to water fountains in school

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